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  1. 2015.05.08 세계 100대 슬로건
  2. 2013.04.29 어제 TV에서 보고 놀랐던 '소나타 더 블리리언트' 광고 (3)

Business Week와 Interbrand가 선정한 세계 100대 슬로건입니다.

정말 불세출의 슬로건들이군요. 막연할 때 들여다보면 도움이 될듯 합니다. 




The Advertising Slogans of the Business Week / Interbrand Top 100 Global Brands



1.COCA-COLA     Life tastes good.


2.MICROSOFT     Where do you want to go today?


3.IBM     And that's when it hits you. You're ready for IBM.


4.GE     We bring good things to life.


5.NOKIA     Connecting people.


6.INTEL     The centre of your digital world.


7.DISNEY     Come and live the magic.


8.FORD     Better ideas. Driven by you.


9.McDONALD'S      Did somebody say McDonalds?

                    Now... ''We love to see you smile'


10.AT&T     Boundless


11.MARLBORO     Marlboro Country.


12.MERCEDES     Follow whoever you are.


13.CITIBANK     Where money lives.


14.TOYOTA     The car in front is a Toyota.


15.HEWLETT-PACKARD     Invent.


16.CISCO SYSTEMS     Empowering the Internet generation.


17.AMERICAN EXPRESS     Don't leave home without it.


18.GILLETTE     Innovation is Gillette.


19.MERRILL LYNCH     Ask Merrill


20.SONY     Change the way you see the world.


21.HONDA     Independent thinking. (also: 'Simplify.')


22.BMW     The ultimate driving machine.


23.NESCAFE     Awaken your senses.


24.COMPAQ     Inspiration technology.


25.ORACLE     Oracle software powers the internet.


26.BUDWEISER     True. (Also 'This Bud's for you.')


27.KODAK     Share moments. Share life.


28.MERCK     It's your future. Be there.


29.NINTENDO     Feel everything.


30.PFIZER     Life is our life's work.


31.GAP     Gap Denim. Wear it now.


32.DELL     Connecting to your needs.


33.GOLDMAN SACHS     Minds. Wide open.


34.NIKE     Just do it.


35.VOLKSWAGEN     Drivers wanted.


36.ERICSSON      Make yourself heard.


37.HEINZ     Mine's gotta have Heinz.


38.LOUIS VUITTON     The spirit of travel.


39.KELLOGG'S     Have you woken up to Kellogg's corn flakes?


40.MTV     We're watching.


41.CANON     Imaging across networks.


42.SAMSUNG     Everyone's invited.


43.SAP     The best-run e-businesses run SAP.


44.PEPSI     The joy of Pepsi.


45.XEROX     The digital doc-ument company.


46.IKEA     Make a fresh start.


47.PIZZA HUT     Great pizzas. Great times.


48.HARLEY-DAVIDSON     The legend rolls on.


49.APPLE     Think different.


50.GUCCI     The hand of Gucci.


51.KFC     No on-e does chicken like KFC.


52.REUTERS     For people in the know.


53.SUN MICROSYSTEMS     Take it to the nth.


54.KLEENEX     Thank goodness for Kleenex.


55.PHILIPS     Let's make things better.


56.COLGATE      The world leader in oral care.


57.WRIGLEY'S     For a cleaner whiter smile.


58.AOL     So easy to use, no wonder we're the world's No.1.


59.YAHOO!     Do you Yahoo?


60.AVON     Let's talk.


61.CHANEL     Share the fantasy.


62.DURACELL      The most powerful alkaline battery in the world.


63.BOEING     nulle destination. A world of solutions.


64.TEXAS INSTRUMENTS     The world leader in DSP and analog.


65.KRAFT     You know you want it.


66.MOTOROLA     Intelligence everywhere.


67.LEVI'S     Originality - Integrity - Innovation.


68.TIME     Both sides of the story explored weekly.


69.ROLEX     Perpetual spirit.


70.ADIDAS     Long live sport.


71.HERTZ     Suddenly, you're free again.


72.PANASONIC     Just slightly ahead of our time.


73.TIFFANY     America's house of design since 1837.


74.BP     Beyond petroleum.


75.BACARDI     Latin spirit in every on-e.


76.AMAZON.COM     A real company in a virtual world.


77.SHELL     Moving at the speed of life.


78.SMIRNOFF     There's vodka and then there's Smirnoff.


79.MOET & CHANDON     L'esprit Mo? & Chandon.


80.BURGER KING     It's all about the burgers.


81.MOBIL     Exceed. Why compromise.


82.HEINEKEN     It's all about the beer.


83.THE WALL STREET JOURNAL     Adventures in capitalism.


84.BARBIE     Gotta B ...


85.POLO/RALPH LAUREN     Active headquarters.


86.FEDEX     This is a job for FedEx.


87.NIVEA     It helps protect your skin.


88.STARBUCKS     Your home from home.


89.JOHNNIE WALKER     Keep walking.


90.JACK DANIELS     Some things never change.

                     Jack Daniel's is on-e of them.


91.ARMANI     Designs for the face.


92.PAMPERS     We're right behind you. Every step of the way.


93.ABSOLUT     Absolut revealed.


94.GUINNESS     Good things come to those who wait.


95.FINANCIAL TIMES     No FT, no comment.


96.HILTON     It happens at the Hilton.


97.CARLSBERG     Probably the best beer in the world.


98.SIEMENS     Be inspired.


99.SWATCH     Time is what you make of it.


100.BENETTON     United colors of Benetton.


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